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  • Svelte Material UI 6 Release Announcement

    Svelte Material UI 6 Release Announcement

    SMUI v6 is officially official! After quite a long beta process while I worked extensively with SMUI in my own project, I’ve release the first stable version of the v6 branch. This version’s most notable feature is that it works with both TypeScript and vanilla JS projects. It also includes several new components in the […]

  • The svelte-strip Utility and Svelte Material UI v6

    SMUI (Svelte Material UI) version 5 introduced TypeScript typing! Yay! This was a huge endeavor, and I’m really happy with how it turned out (I found several bugs during the TypeScript conversion). However, there is one big problem with SMUI v5. The Problem If you’re using TypeScript, you’ll absolutely love the new version, but if […]