Svelte Material UI 6 Release Announcement

SMUI v6 is officially official! After quite a long beta process while I worked extensively with SMUI in my own project, I’ve release the first stable version of the v6 branch. This version’s most notable feature is that it works with both TypeScript and vanilla JS projects. It also includes several new components in the “@smui-extra” NPM namespace. Going forward, this namespace will be used to add more custom SMUI components that go beyond what the upstream MDC-Web components provide.

Check out the migration guide if you are upgrading from an older version. Upgrading to this version should be much easier than upgrading to any previous versions, especially if you were already on one of the beta builds.

What’s Next

The plan for SMUI v7 will be to upgrade to the newest version of the upstream MDC-Web library, v14. I will also be exploring removing the “@smui/common/elements” components in favor of the new “<svelte:element>” syntax.

If you’d like to chat with me about SMUI, please join the Discord, where I go by “SylphWeed”.

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