The Modalish Notification Flow

PNotify v5 will come with a brand new notification flow, called modalish. This flow is developed to provide a good user experience, even when many notifications are shown at once. The problem I use PNotify on my project at work, and we have a big problem with it. We show a notification for every network [...]

Svelte Material UI

Svelte Material UI is now in beta here: I made this project to bring a Material UI to Tunnelgram. Tunnelgram is written in Svelte, so I'm limited to UI frameworks that work with it. Since there was no Material UI framework even close to complete for Svelte, I decided to write one myself. It's [...]

Merry Christmas from SciActive Open Source

I've been working on adding support to add users to groups in It won't be out in time for Christmas, but hopefully soon. If you haven't checked out Krita, it's an open source drawing and photo manipulation program. I just got the Dell pen for my XPS 9575, and with Manjaro Linux, it works [...]