Author: Hunter Perrin

  • How to Get a Standalone Apple Music App in Linux (with Dark Mode)

    I recently switched from Spotify to Apple Music, which left me without a dedicated music app on my Linux PCs. Apple doesn’t have a Linux version of their Music app. There are some third party Apple Music apps available as snaps, but I personally don’t like snaps, nor do I trust software from lesser known […]

  • The svelte-strip Utility and Svelte Material UI v6

    SMUI (Svelte Material UI) version 5 introduced TypeScript typing! Yay! This was a huge endeavor, and I’m really happy with how it turned out (I found several bugs during the TypeScript conversion). However, there is one big problem with SMUI v5. The Problem If you’re using TypeScript, you’ll absolutely love the new version, but if […]

  • Nymph.js, the Nymph ORM in Node.js

    Nymph was a PHP ORM for the first 12 years of its life. As we all do though, Nymph is going through some big changes around this age. Introducing Nymph.js. Nymph.js is a complete rewrite of Nymph in TypeScript for Node.js. While migrating, I made some major improvements. Basically, things I wish Nymph had when […]

  • How to install Ubuntu on Acer Spin 5 (SP513-54N) for the perfect Linux 2-in-1

    (You can skip ahead to the install guide.) I like to draw on my laptop. I like to code on my laptop. I like to stream on my laptop. And I like to use my laptop for a long time between charges. You can find a lot of laptops that do a few of these […]