Svelte Material UI 7 Beta

Hot on the heals of SMUI 6, SMUI 7 is now in beta. For the most part, this release is small and should be easy to upgrade to. SMUI 7 upgrades to the latest MDC-Web release, v14.

Externally, there’s not much change, but internally, the type system has been completely redesigned. It should be easier to autocomplete in your IDE.

Additionally, there is a new component, the Bottom App Bar!

A bottom app bar showing icon buttons and a FAB

The upstream library, MDC-Web tends to only implement components that are meant to be rendered on larger displays, such as desktops. As such, components that are exclusively meant to be for mobile devices, like Bottom App Bar, are left out. It is SMUI’s ultimate goal to provide 100% of the Material Spec in Svelte though. In my pursuit of this goal, SMUI 7 fully implements the Bottom App Bar according to the Material Spec. Even down to the notched bar slowly losing its notch as it tucks away leaving the FAB displayed during a page scroll.

Look at this mid-animation beauty

I hope you enjoy using SMUI 7, and if you run into any issues during the beta phase, don’t hesitate to bug me in Discord (where I go by “SylphWeed”) or on the GitHub repo.

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