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  • PNotify and TypeScript are Now Friends

    I just released PNotify 5.1.0, which now includes TypeScript support. Check out the TypeScript note in the README to learn how to use PNotify in TypeScript!

  • The First Version of PNotify

    I just released PNotify 5, which, shockingly, is the fifth major version of PNotify. That got me thinking about when I started PNotify. The PNotify repo goes back pretty far (almost exactly 10 years), but not to the beginning. Here’s the first commit: That should be easy. The files came from the Pines component repository, […]

  • The Modalish Notification Flow

    PNotify 5 will come with a brand new notification flow, called modalish. This flow is developed to provide a good user experience, even when many notifications are shown at once. Edit 2020-04-20: PNotify 5 is out! You can use the Modalish flow in production code now! The problem I use PNotify on my project at […]