How Many Lines of Code are in Port87

About 200,000.

Port87 is a very large and complicated project. If you really wanted to count all of the code that it takes to run it, you’d have to count things like the Linux kernel, Node.js, and Haraka. To give a more realistic number, I’m only going to count the lines that I wrote. This includes these SciActive open source projects:

And the Port87 code itself. That includes Port87’s SvelteKit app, its Haraka plugins, and its Svelte Native app.

So let’s figure out how many lines of code that is using

git ls-files | xargs cat | wc -l
  • SMUI: 95,408
  • Nymph.js: 67,685
  • Port87: 78,817

That’s a total of 241,910, but that also includes a lot of things that aren’t really code, like README files, changelogs, config files, and comments. If I estimate that around 15% of that number is not code, then I end up with 205,624 lines. Rounding down a little bit, and we get

About 200,000 lines of code in Port87

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