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  • Instant WebDAV Server with Nephele

    A while ago, I set out to write a CardDAV server for Port87. CardDAV is based on WebDAV, so I had to write a WebDAV server first. That server is called Nephele, and it now supports instantly running a WebDAV server from a filesystem. I’m using it on my own home server to back up […]

  • Nymph.js, the Nymph ORM in Node.js

    Nymph was a PHP ORM for the first 12 years of its life. As we all do though, Nymph is going through some big changes around this age. Introducing Nymph.js. Nymph.js is a complete rewrite of Nymph in TypeScript for Node.js. While migrating, I made some major improvements. Basically, things I wish Nymph had when […]