Managed Mastodon Instances

Are you looking to get on Mastodon on your own instance @ your own domain? Let SciActive manage your instance for you, so you can focus on your social outreach. Whether you’re an individual looking to be in full control of your own data or you’re a Fortune 500 company, SciActive offers the instance management you need.

Why Use Your Own Instance

Joining an existing instance means you’ll have a handle on that instance’s domain. If you sign up at, your handle will be @[email protected] This is fine for most users, but it may not offer the professionalism and trust that your own domain can. If you already have a domain, like, you can run an instance on any subdomain of that instance, like So instead of @[email protected] and @[email protected], using your own instance would look like @[email protected] and @[email protected]

Using your own domain lets your followers know that they can trust that anything posted by that account is authentic. When you own your own instance, you control exactly what can and can’t be posted on your account.

Why Use a Managed Instance

Mastodon is open source software, meaning anyone can run their own instance, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, especially when it’s time to update. By using a managed Mastodon instance, you get all the benefits of your own instance without any of the work associated with provisioning servers, databases, and data migrations. Let SciActive run your own Mastodon instance for you, so you can focus on your social outreach.

SciActive handles all the hard work of provisioning servers, databases, and file stores, then installing, configuring, and maintaining the Mastodon server software, then we hand you the keys to the administrator account at your domain. You get full control over the instance, including adding new handles, posting from each handle, and which other instances can see and interact with your posts.

Get in Touch

If you’re ready to talk to us about getting started with a SciActive managed Mastodon instance, email our sales and support staff at sup[email protected].